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Living for what growing up for what

Living for what? growing up for what? facing life for what? message


Living for what growing up for what : my precious brothers and my precious sisters, I start with loving you, I have been saying this in my messages for a long time, it’s been a long time since I started bringing my heart out to you, and my heart is full of pride for the growth, for the Love I see you express, you covered so, so much ground, and the situation around you did not really change, what did change was you, in the journey I indicated to you, without you the light on earth would be much less bright, and many hearts would still be wandering, looking for a heart that is much more free to express its own Love on earth.


For me to bring you help was a true opportunity to reflect, to give you an opportunity to deploy the element of you that is inside you: that being a spiritual identity, being a heart that faces experience and feels life.


The change matured inside you places you in life as an experience, life in the feeling, life as an endless confrontation with emotions, to better yourselves through listening to your heart, or gaining awareness of the matured successes. And today this journey sees you as the main characters in the effort for your growth.


Many moments you go through, if you think of your past, you will see that you face them differently, and always while asking yourselves, place the heart always in the first place, to see, to face it, to seek solutions. Today in what you see you finally see hearts participating to events, or to meetings, or they are always hearts in interactions and conflicts.


I know that I am speaking of everything you are experimenting, and you have awareness of every element that I described to you today, but today I would like to make this moment an opportunity for all brothers, to reflect inside their hearts.


Me over time.


The famous question mark that everyone poses himself over time: growing up for what? Living for what? Facing life for what? Being for what? Having all days of my life, yes, but what for? Experience for what? Dreams to fulfill, but why? Everything seems in turmoil, but for what?


Life, my much loved brothers and my much loved sisters, you are life in your life, the existence is you in your existence, if life today seems affected by events, by other people, by needs that need to be met, life is how you live it, you have the possibility to choose, instant after instant, how to position yourselves to the event, how to position yourselves in every contact, how to position yourselves in every relationship, even how to fulfill yourselves over time, this is reality my brothers, the experience that you govern is in being yourselves over time.


Brothers, as you chase after objectives, you neglect the meaning of your every chase. Does this, in every single action, have meaning for me? What am I chasing? As I am reaching for something for me,  in that moment I enter into contact with the need that appears in my heart, and I see that all my doing has inside the affection that I am feeling inside my heart, this is discovery!! I move in life to reach in life what I have inside the heart, it’s affection, and this is where the meaning of my experience lies, I tend to fulfill in this world the important affection that I feel inside my heart. Being aware of it places me in life always asking myself about this affection that I am reaching through every moment that presents itself in life; the experience with which you are confronting yourselves has a heart, your heart, in its center; the effort that you bring has the heart in its center; the continuity of the experience has the heart in its center; everything you feel and comes from your heart places you in the center of the heart and in the center of the meaning of existence.


Brothers, it’s so easy to lose sight of your life while reaching for something that you do not know, but, with every recognition, life returns to you, what has always been calling you is the heart, since forever it’s the heart that you deployed, listening to the experience of what the heart is telling you, this is what makes your life rich with meaning, rich of you, of your affection you deployed.


What you feel brings life back to you, and in this awareness, you fulfill your life.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Living for what? growing up for what? facing life for what? message was the Message dictated on 1st May 2011




Living for what? growing up for what? facing life for what? message


Living for what? growing up for what?


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