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Obstacles in your life

Obstacles in your life Love on the field to reach fulfillment message


Obstacles in your life : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, with the heart, I am with all of you, I am, I am always in the moment, with the heart I am there to reach you, and ready to dictate words that may help for your hearts in this path that is often difficult and I think of my words dictated for all, words for you that are dedicating to your growth for your commitment.


When you meet obstacles in your life, it could be that for you the definition of an obstacle may be with respect to a dream that is not coming true, it could be a difficult you are encountering and you had not foreseen, it could be still the great difficulty in being in a world that still does not think with an emotion of Love towards others, it could be a delay, or it could be a change that sometimes could be irreversible. This, your dream, is your dream that you find impossible to reach within that obstacle.


While a dark emotion of non-fulfillment appears in you, you see in the event a reverse willpower to bring to completion what you had desired so much, and this places anguish in you, and a thought of opposite luck. There are many men who, in this sadness, turn their thoughts to magic, or to any other power that, in their eyes, could reverse the situation, anything to fulfill their dream.


Brothers, there is anguish, a heart in sadness, the thought of an obstacle, of impossibility, but take a moment inside you, a little time to evaluate the situation, you have inside your eyes an obstacle, analyze it: why did the obstacle arrive? Was there no contact with the person who intervened to help you? Was there not listening to what was advised to do? Was there not an effort necessary to the fulfillment of the desire? And did the heart believe that the desire was fulfilled? There are many projects that require effort and dedication, and all the Love of your heart.


Forgive me brothers, but today in your time I see possible projects, often abandoned, because they require a lot of effort, passion, effort of Love, and a lot of dedication, but a dream, such an important dream for you, doesn’t it also want to be fulfilled.


You understand anguish, you understand sadness and the dark emotion in the heart, this is the journey towards what is important and is not yet fulfillment, but you believe in your dream and you renew your effort with Love, and you renew the dream inside you, and you renew the desire with respect to life, and you bring your dream forward, with everything that is necessary: you.


Brothers, sisters, I embrace you, every effort brings to fulfillment, today you are in the middle of your effort for your realization, today you are the desire, the life you are building, the Love on the field to reach fulfillment.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Obstacles in your life Love on the field to reach fulfillment message was the Message dictated on 16th May 2011




Obstacles in your life Love on the field to reach fulfillment message


Obstacles in your life


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