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Pride and vanity

Pride and vanity create distances among hearts message everyone is important


Pride and vanity : so much joy my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, being here with all of you, and with joy, with my hand I caress the face of all my brothers and all my sisters, and the contact reproduces the joy of being here with you; I love you, I love you, while I caress you this is what I have in my heart, this heart that loves you is all for you, the emotion is so strong, it brings me to you, there is only one call, and while we talk, I see your hearts waiting for the help, but right in this moment I am helping you with this expression of my Love.


Feeling loved, this is the message that I bring to you my brothers and sisters, this is the feeling that is being expressed by me, this is my feeling that I deploy on the field, you are a treasure, I feel you as so precious for me, a great scent of the garden, you are flowers for me, with your feet in life and your crown looking up towards the Sky, you are in this garden, it’s so nice to see you all together, so free from vanity, shining for what you are, no vanity, like a wild flower, that collects the light and opens up, exposing its heart to the light. This is what you are to me.


Pride and vanity create and underscore distances among flowers, just like not understanding that everyone is important also places distance, because the scent needs to expand, and what is still important to understand is that a heart alone does not have any opportunity to feel life in itself, it’s through the contact that you perceive life, life in the heart is contact with a brother, it’s an emotion that can only be activated in the contact, joy, every contact has value for every heart.


Look around you as if you were a garden, look at yourselves as a pretty flower, in contact with other flowers, look at others as flowers that are breathing in your same perfume, your fragrance, garden flowers that spread their Love, care, and attention, and also turn their contact with others into Love. With others it’s a garden, and being a flower means being in contact with the garden.


I send you this image: you are a flower in the light, you are a flower. Look at the garden around you, this garden is full of you and of every other flower, apparently they are all different, but each one is warmed up by the sun, nourished by Love, it can only blossom, thus expanding its perfume, even upon you. Keep this image with you, let it guide you and you will see your actions express themselves with Love.


I embrace all of you in my heart, may this day spread your fragrance.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Pride and vanity create distances among hearts message everyone is important was the Message dictated on 19th May 2011




Pride and vanity create distances among hearts message everyone is important


Pride and vanity


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