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Messages of reflection and growth

Messages of reflection and growth from the Sky for everyone


Messages of reflection and growth : my sweet and precious brothers and my sweet and precious sisters, today I would like to talk to you of the Love that I have brought with me in the past, while I was going through an experience inside a body with you; the humanity of that time past had the same questions that you have now, about the body and death, the life they were leading, and what was the meaning of life, reestablishing ties, and the value of the experience of seeing one’s own children being born; just like you, humanity back then would ask about the experience of being alive on earth; humanity has been asking these questions forever.


Back then the message I brought was that the act of believing the Father created this humanity, children of His Love, and He created this earth for us, in all of its shapes with which this humanity has made contact. Being Him all the time in this creation was the message that I gave to everyone in front of us, in front of our human eyes; the Father was therefore a presence since forever among us, so many eyes discovered this over time, this manifestation of Him in the creation, manifestation of Him thinking of us through his creation, His Love manifested in the tiniest individual detail of creation, for us, for our needs, His Love manifested in the element created.


Like the eyes have noticed a constant presence, those eyes that seek for the meaning continue to question, and the question is about the meaning of all of this; Love that created for us, for our experience; Love that is part of the all, and sets his children free to be their own expression, an expression in what they feel, an expression in the contact with others, free expression of themselves. And you, who are listening to me, you have the gift of full freedom to determine your own way of Being. You who are listening to me, you know that you are the ultimate owner of every gesture of every action in your existence, that at all times it’s you who places yourself in your life and you communicate your emotion to the world. This is the meaning of being on earth: everything that you establish, within your full freedom.


Now, this experience has meaning in the present moment: you determine, you are an expression of yourself; meaning is expression of you. Therefore death defines, starting from your past, the entire experience that you established as an expression of you in the freedom that was given to you by the Father. A light comes on, you relive your past, from the old expression of yourselves, your eyes now ask themselves about this expression “How have I been while living in full freedom?” and through your expression you define yourself in the past, this is what each one of us draws from the past, our own definition. The love that allowed freedom, a Love that surrounded everything in my life, that foresaw my every need and donated to me, this Love that was my companion in life, that placed his own child, me, in the experience of freedom so that I could get to know myself in my full expression, how have I been? Did I donate my Love? Have I been a child, and parent, and have I loved? Have I been a companion for others? Did I take it upon myself to tend to the needs of others, did I love? To whom did I donate my Love? Who did I surround with my Love? Am I expression of Love while being completely free?


These are the question marks that you will ask yourselves, that will define you, yourselves that you are in the middle of experimenting. You will create the answer as you live the present moment.


I brought you light to see yourselves, this is my gift to you brothers and sisters, the light of awareness.


With profound Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Messages of reflection and growth from the Sky for everyone was the Message dictated 23rd May 2011




Messages of reflection and growth from the Sky for everyone


Messages of reflection and growth


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