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Election of Pope Francis message

Election of Pope Francis message from the heart to his effort


Election of Pope Francis message


The election of the new Pope has come, the election of the Pontiff of Rome, and now your eyes are upon a brother who chose to be at the service of all of you on earth.


He got emotional, and with a great smile he told you his very first words “I come from far away with a feeling of charity, and while an ovation is welcoming me, I think of the effort that I have committed to with you, my brothers and sisters”.


This declaration of his commitment is aimed at you, but it’s also a request from him to you, to give your help from your heart to aid your brothers.


If you notice, in his comment, he asked you to help him, with the prayer, but he also meant with actions my brothers, he is trying to involve you like a father with his children, like a father with a lot of responsibility turning to every child, asking them to also be of help to their own brothers.


He is also asking you to make a choice: to be all united in taking responsibility for every creature present on earth today.


This in the words that he said to you, what do you think? Are you going to help him?


This is the strength that illuminates him, the thought that you may make the choice to be next to him, in his great effort that he is beginning with this Pontificate.


Brothers, sisters, the effort can not be only of one person, no matter how much power he may have, may this ovation that he received from your heart transform into help from you for your own brothers.


This too is the message that his heart has sent you, this precious message that comes from inside the heart and calls you to join the effort.


Well, I have placed into words what his heart has told you, and now, walking hand in hand, begins the new road of your effort.


I embrace you, forever with you


Your brother Jesus Christ


Election of Pope Francis message from the heart to his effort was the Message from the Sky 15 March 2013




Election of Pope Francis message from the heart to his effort


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