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19th march father’s day a father of Love

19th march father’s day a father of Love commitment to Love


19th march father’s day a father of Love : this day that you dedicate to celebrate your fathers is also the day of the beginning of the Pontificate of Father Francis; the Love we celebrate today, the sweet Love of a heart to his children, the sweet Love that a child expects from his father, sweet Love that helps grow, sweet Love that accompanies also in times of need, with much respect, sweet Love that, when the task is done, respects one’s freedom.


Today we celebrate fathers who, with effort, have dedicated themselves to this task, they Love, and have made of their effort to Love the main part of their being fathers.


They donated a lot through their experiences: experience, knowledge, they fed passions, nourished, gave safety, and covered all needs, but what will remain forever in the heart of a child, will only be the love they received over time.


So let’s celebrate the effort to Love that is the essential task for a father. The effort to love is the obligation towards one’s own creature, it’s not the money, it’s not taking them to excel at something, or helping them to talk about themselves with vanity, what is inside the heart is not an answer to your effort, it’s the answer to the power, to your possibilities, but what will be left inside the heart will be the Love with which you will have donated.


What is inside your heart, is inside your child’s heart.


Let’s celebrate your effort to love, the treasure for your child.


Today in St Peters square there is a large crowd, thousands of hearts, this image is wonderful, hearts seeking him, seeking the Love in Father Francis, the Love from his heart from a smile, a smile that transmits Love is something wonderful, a gesture that transmits Love; acting in a way that transmits Love, that comes from him, and goes to your hearts, the effort of the Pope is also to love, and all around him the light that illuminates and it’s shining also on your hearts.


This is today, let’s celebrate the day of the effort to Love.


With my entire heart to the Father who is in the Skies, my feeling goes out to Him: Love, thank you for all this Love that you have been sending since forever to all your children and to me, the light and the hope coming from you is upon us, the sweetness and comprehension with which you welcome all of our actions, and the clarity you place inside our hearts, to help us grow even more. Today we celebrate You, Love, today we celebrate You, Father.


With all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


19th march father’s day a father of Love commitment to Love was the Message from the Sky 19th March 2013




19th march father’s day a father of Love commitment to Love


19th march father’s day a father of Love


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