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Nature of Soul the natural way of Love

Nature of Soul the natural way of Love message


Nature of Soul the natural way of Love : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I am with you and during this time my effort goes to all of you, I embrace you in the life you are leading, I embrace you in the heart, and I give you my heart, I give you my entire existence, so that in the time of your life you may feel loved, despite the fact that you are far away from the Love that beats incessantly upon us.


Life is full of worries, of efforts, of endless problems, this life suffers from what is allowed within the Love from others through their own actions; who can I count on for this problem? It needs Love given by other hearts; to whom can I turn for help with this problem? It means getting Love granted by other hearts; this worry, who can I turn to? Again it assumes Love being granted by other hearts.


This is the problem: what is allowed by hearts.


You see a lot of difficulty between hearts among your own brothers, hearts that are available and hearts that withhold affection and information. And so life is a constant contact with hearts of other brothers who give their own Love, or who hold it back.


And therefore life on earth has difference from our own world, loving among us is something natural, but when you are in a body on earth it becomes a choice, donating yourselves, and even if tomorrow the same naturalness will be in you, in you unawareness of being a Soul, right now the act of donating yourselves is a choice.


Those of you who listen to my words, your nature as a Soul is very clear to you, and over time and with effort you are walking more and more on the path of Love, and regaining in more and more moments the naturalness of loving, the freedom of being simply natural in a world that needs Love and naturalness.


When a heart asks for your help, what you are giving is Love in a time of need, Love is always the answer to the effort, and once again Love is the answer to a worry. This is how you conquer naturalness in life. The time of life will be richness for you, and great experience, and will see you as you shine when you return from earth.


Now your difficulties and your naturalness meet the day to day life you lead, and the hearts of brothers who donate their Love toward you, just like them you also have problems and worries and effort, but the natural way you seek invites your heart to place yourselves toward your brothers, as you make yourself available.


It’s time to make a choice and as you give your heart, you choose the natural way, and it’s the right path for you.


Life is your opportunity to show the world the immensity of the Love inside you.


I embrace you in the joy, understanding your difficulties also but feeling the choice of light that your heart makes in its naturalness.


Naturally, I surround you with joy and Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Nature of Soul the natural way of Love message was the Message from the Sky 22nd March 2013




Nature of Soul the natural way of Love message


Nature of Soul


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