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Why selfishness among you

Why selfishness among you and not goodness for all?


Why selfishness among you : my dear brothers and my dear sisters, my Love is great, great because great is the need of Love you express from your earth, because great is your need to be in peace, to walk in safety, to feel in the possibility toward your tomorrow; selfishness created grave conditions for many brothers, selfishness.


Why do conditions favor selfishness among you, rather than goodness for all? This is the question.


My brothers, this humanity is centered on separation, separation starting from the bodies, to continue into cultural separation, separation of status, of possibility, of birth, you label everything as separation and selfishness draws strength from this endless separation of yourselves from others. Separation from the other person. But who is the other person? You are in another body, in another condition, another culture, another context, another you who is experimenting life on earth.


Again, when you embrace, a contact with someone who was earlier separated, now it becomes a friendship, brothers, you become Love, couple, you become supportive, like brothers, you become a unity and reciprocal help, and your story reflects the truth: as you establish a contact, you enter the other’s awareness, in the contact between hearts, there are no separations, only contact. This contact that fills the heart and cancels the selfishness.


Question: if your experience is like this, why is it that you always think of the differences when first meeting someone new, that which can divide rather than what can unite you?


Your humanity. The human aspect of the experience that placed differences as a guideline, and judges what is outside his own perimeter as different. And selfishness is always the answer to those who are outside of me.


And yet, your humanity has a heart, the Spirit that is in the experience, and this is what the other brother discovers in the contact, this is what he sees in you, this is what overcomes the separation, becoming unity. In the contact of the heart is how Humanity expresses itself.


Today go ahead and reflect on my help, and then give freedom to your Spirit to enter into contact, they will be sweet moments in which you will discover first hand how much richness surrounds you, how important you are for one another, and this Humanity that expresses itself will begin to sing.


I embrace you with all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Why selfishness among you and not goodness for all? was the Message from the Sky 25th March 2013




Why selfishness among you and not goodness for all?


Why selfishness among you


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