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How can I find the spiritual dimension on earth

How can I find the spiritual dimension on earth messages


How can I find the spiritual dimension on earth : there are many questions you ask yourselves, my beloved brothers and sisters, when, along the journey you, undertook to become closer to Us, you are surrounded by people who don’t waste any time, who are always busy, who think that life needs security that only money can provide, they are brothers who, while you seek, are convinced that your search is in vain, because existence can only be demonstrated with birth and death, “be careful”, they repeat, “be careful”, there are many pitfalls, people who abuse people’s weakness and are able to abuse these moments to rob you of money, today even science has the audacity to question God’s work,  and in this reality you keep on seeking Him, your true Father, the one who created you, the one who created earth, in Him is the meaning of the journey you are making, this is what awaits you, and gives you voice when you love from the heart, it’s what wraps you with emotions as you seek, what is always next to you in every situation, when you ask for help, or when you share the joy.


Death, letting go of anguish, becomes the moment of reunion, like an embrace, where there will only be Love and Truth, and also new growth, because growth is the reason for your journey today and tomorrow.


While the journey, the journey of Love on earth, is taking place, not always is the immensity right in front of your eyes, inside every gesture, inside every thought, everywhere the great difficulty of your incarnated hearts is reflected, as it thinks of itself as a heart during its journey, tapping from its own Love to fully express itself.


The pain makes you close up so much, while we face life and its contradictions: Souls, hearts, who do terrible things, Souls, hearts, who use violence on brothers; Souls, hearts, who have embraced the god money, and only needs that.


Do you see why your path is difficult? In front of reality and its contradictions, your emotion no longer recognizes the other person as a heart, it’s a shame, an error of the heart that no longer knows where it comes from, a heart that no longer trusts any Father, a heart that no longer listens to its own voice inside, a heart that believes reality is the life with which you have to fight, or impose yourself upon.


A question that has an answer in the heart: “What do we bring with us beyond this life?” Only Love. This is the Truth, the Love that is inside us on earth, after we have experimented it so much, will express itself in the path that we will continue in the Sky, we have loved so much, and so will be our journey, to reach the perfection that is inside us ever since our creation.


With Love I embrace you, my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters.


Your brother Jesus Christ


How can I find the spiritual dimension on earth is the Message 27th March 2014




How can I find the spiritual dimension on earth


How can I find the spiritual dimension


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