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Loving is the first value of life

Loving is the first value of life the heart as a priority


Loving is the first value of life : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, a few more moments and then you will begin the festivities for Easter, my resurrection; so, so much joy will be for you too to be in the light, over here is where we wait for your return, waiting to be able to hug you, and while the entire immensity will talk to you of Love, inside your heart only Love will have meaning from that moment on, and while you will be looking with joy at everything and at others, you will be urged to have some consideration, in the form of thought, it will be asked of you, of the humanity that had just passed.


Loving is not always possible, the selfishness that accompanied us for years, our own selfishness and of others, memories of efforts of life that sacrificed many a times the expression of affection toward those you loved, and so, so many times, instead of appreciating the moment, you started to run toward new objectives to conquer, new challenges, and while you were running, there came another heavy task, and the voice from the heart was ignored one more time.


Such a difference you will feel from that moment, nothing to conquer, everything to live, even the brothers who will be with you, will be for you only an opportunity to live yourselves, they will be an opportunity to speak from the heart, and experimenting yourselves through the emotions, and it will feel strange to you that in this humanity you have enjoyed so little of your humanity; objectives, many things to conquer, but then, seen from this light they take on a different value, you are Beings, and it’s always wonderful to give voice to your heart.


How can we not think again of Easter, the Easters of your past, with all those efforts, starting from the preparations, and if now you are very happy to just be yourselves, celebrating Easter is just an occasion to express yourselves, to stay close to the heart, to live yourselves in the affection, to feel Love.


No more researching for things, no more chasing after a commitment, life is in this living, it’s you making yourselves available in the affection of the heart as a priority, and as a first value.


And soon it’s your Easter, my beloved brothers and sisters, may this serenity accompany you at all times.


Many wishes for a Happy Easter


Your brother Jesus Christ


Loving is the first value of life the heart as a priority is the Message 14th April 2014




Loving is the first value of life the heart as a priority


Loving is the first value of life


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