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Humanity rediscover its real self

Humanity rediscover its real self messages


Humanity rediscover its real self : with Love we send our wishes to all of our children, may this day, as my Son mentioned in the message he dictated, bring every moment of serenity into your heart (Loving is the first value of life).


My help always arrives to you in the life you are going through, however, do think with your heart, act with your heart, always be with your heart when you are with your brothers, and my Love will affirm itself on earth as well.


I am with you through the language of Love, I am in every tender gesture, I am there with every rescue or help you donate, I am in the joy you feel, I am in the immensity that surrounds you, I am in your hands that caress, that protect, I am in you, united, in every gesture of Love.


My Love is always with you, you may experience me in the experience of Love.


Today, in a moment, every moment, my Love is with you, may our cohabiting spread Love into hatred, and bring justice and respect with every brutality, and serenity into every heart that is crying.


Until the very last day, then peace will come to embrace you, and yet again our Love will be speaking to you.


My blessings from here onward.


Your Father in you.


As a Mother I can add also the joy that I feel in me when my gaze sees you in the act of loving, when a little look sees you and notices in you an expression of confidence, of contact, an expression that emits courage, without uttering any words, you speak from your heart, and you donate your help from it, there are smiles that express more than thousands of words, because you love with your smile, and again without any words, hugging someone close to your heart says so much, it’s the heart that speaks, and sends a message; the heart is your true reality, everything that takes place has in its heart the act of listening, just like a child, everyone has the center of their hearing inside their heart.


May this humanity understand that the heart is the determining factor, your own, and other’s hearts, and in this humanity, may this humanity rediscover itself, its real self.


Many blessings


The Virgin Mother Mary


Humanity rediscover its real self Message for Easter 2014




Humanity rediscover its real self


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