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Canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII

Canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII messages


Canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII : may the many hearts united in this celebration be one sole heart, giving its thanks to these two Souls who have dedicated so much to you.


A lot of time dedicated to you, the interest for the needs of populations, example of existence in donating themselves to others, an example of a heart that has erased the “me” inside itself, to be “us”, an example of a message of Love that, through the Sky, spreads throughout earth, in the humility, in the pain, in the endless suffering, in all this continues the communication as a Soul for all people.


Today, in front of your eyes, this manifestation produces a great joy inside your hearts, and a lot of gratefulness for the hearts who, like you, are seeking the Example, as a lighthouse, to guide you too.


The Example, this is how change is born, and how a strong Faith is created, in which to believe.


Through the affirmation of a miracle, you proceed to the process of canonization, however, how many more hearts, replenished by their Example, have known the miracle inside them? In the past there have been many such hearts, in the present there are still many, and more hearts will know it in the future, and will carry it with them, and will be Example on how to donate themselves.


This is why John Paul II and John XXIII have already been declared Saints by many of you, the heart knows what miracle the Example has already operated inside it.


And then, the official moment of the canonization arrives, and all these hearts will be embracing and rejoicing together.


The Example is a guide for every heart, it’s courage in the Faith, it’s effort while being next to it, it’s promoting the reawakening in your journey, with the Example, for other hearts, it’s to fortify yourselves and fortifying in a belief that goes beyond reason.


This Faith involves your humanity, the recognition on which humanity questions itself, the one who affirms the existence of the Sky, needs to go beyond the human resources to understand that the very same humanity is nothing else but a heart that, as it gains experience, deploys its own heart, in the emotion, in the Love that it brings with it, Love that is not the result of the creation of earth, rather an emotion that we bring with us in the heart on to earth, an emotion that has its origin in our Father in the Sky, when, as He created us, has divided itself to Be with us, in us. From that moment on, He is traveling together with all of us in our lives, with us, in our life, in the Sky, and also with you, in yours, on earth.


Therefore, Faith is the recognition in our emotion of Love, in the divine origin of our feeling of Love.


Love that participates, Love that takes upon itself other people’s problems, Love that does not ask, rather it gives, Love that represents the Father in its existence. This is evolution. Evolution, a beginning that also completes itself with the experience of life on earth.


This is the opportunity, thinking of the canonization of Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II, to reflect on their own evolution, an occasion to ask themselves as a heart, how much each one of us is expressing their Love, is expressing from the Father whom he is carrying inside.


Whenever you love, you are expressing the voice of the Father, gaining experience of Love is making contact with the Father in you. As you recognize this, you also recognize the fundaments upon which Faith is based.


My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, let’s participate united, as one unique heart, to this precious canonization.


In the Love of the Father, your brother Jesus Christ


Canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII was the Messages 24th April 2014




Canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII


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