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Truth is in the experiences of me who I am

Truth is in the experiences of me who I am messages


Truth is in the experiences of me who I am : today, my beloved ones, I will talk to your hearts of the effort of Love; an effort is not an obligation, it’s an intention; in the middle, among all brothers and sisters, I move in this multitude, I feel, I notice, I pick up on anguish, I can meet men as well as women from the same age, and see in their faces the signs of experience, I look in their eyes and I notice the pain of their gaze on me, there are so many problems in those eyes, and from within me comes the feeling in answer to those eyes “what can I do? understand, being of help, I could come closer to the heart, I could change the moment within its emotion” and this is Love, it’s a moment of intention of Love; in all of my freedom, my effort, an effort that is born from Love, and will give voice to my intention from my heart.


In this precise moment I am about to give voice to the Love I have in me, what will happen afterward is not important, in this moment, what is important is my voice from the heart, what I wish to bring as a gift to the other heart, me, my heart, this is what I feel like communicating “I am here, brother” and while my action takes shape, everything speaks of my me, of my being there as a heart.


In the need, here I am as a heart, in the need of this humanity, here I am as a heart.


As I accomplish my action, inside this heart, it’s very clear in me how much passion I am activating inside me, the involvement, the intensity of my intention, and this communicates to me about the Love that I deployed.


My brothers and sisters, this is a moment of truth: The Love that I deployed, it’s an experience of me in the love deployed.


What happens to the heart is linked to this intensity.


I don’t judge, brothers and sisters, I feel. I feel what the heart is expressing.


Not always do I notice that what is inside me is Love, I get lost within myself many times in the day, I don’t listen to the emotion within me at all times, I forget to love, during the day I exist but I am not always aware of my heart, and this is the truth.


And the voice of the heart is important to me, because I define myself by how I listen, I am sweet if I feel sweetness inside me, I am helpful if I live help inside me, I am interested if I feel I want to reach out to others inside me, affection hides in the enthusiasm I feel inside me, what I am in this moment is defined by the real emotion that I feel inside me.


May your heart discover itself in its effort of Love.


With all of my affection.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Truth is in the experiences of me who I am is the Message 02nd May 2014




Truth is in the experiences of me who I am


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