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Chasing a dream of freedom

Chasing a dream of freedom tomorrow humanity will walk together


Chasing a dream of freedom : my father, do you have a moment to hear me, only for a second, today I felt paralyzed by pain, by the many tears that this humanity is shedding, your children who are risking death, chasing a dream of freedom, please look at them, they are seeking help, and after the crossing, they find gates, Father, how can other brothers lock them up, deprive them of their freedom, force them to spend days waiting for an identification, a permit, a possibility to leave, to reunite, how can I help them? this is my pain.


My Father responds: your brothers do not trust this humanity, maybe because one may be black, maybe he is Muslim, so many women can procreate children, many adults that could take work away with their arms, do you understand? On one side there is a great desire for freedom, hope for a good life, renouncing their lives in their own lands for a dream of life, a real life, and on the other hand, those who are living in this dream, and who have in their hearts the same necessity, a necessity for their children, necessity of well being for oneself, for their own families.


Today what we see among these children is a source of sadness, for those children who make it, risking death for the dream, and for my other brothers, who navigate in the pain for losing this unity. What a horrible thing it is to allow these approaches, to then live them in terror.


Admitting diversity, this is the journey awaiting your brothers, it’s nice to learn from other’s journeys, think of the satisfaction of working, planning, creating together, existing and helping each other among a thousand colors, one single humanity, my children, the same humanity.


My son, the same humanity you are seeing as divided today, over time will be united, over time it will be a message of unity; you see, inside every child there coexists strong fear and the desire to discover, this is what will allow to overcome these divisions, over time discovering that the other is like us, the friendship that is being born, the affection and the esteem in the work, all this will bring to accept with joy all this, which is a change.


Now, think of the young ones, who are already getting to know each other in the schools, in the communities, through this is the humanity will bring forward their passage.


Endure the pain of the moment, and help others see inside all of my children the very same humanity that I myself created and the great opportunity to live in the freedom of this unity.


Tomorrow humanity will walk together, dry up your pain with this certainty.


A child in the name of Jesus. And I work for the Love of humanity.


Chasing a dream of freedom tomorrow humanity will walk together is the Message 05th May 2014




Chasing a dream of freedom tomorrow humanity will walk together


Chasing a dream of freedom


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