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The value is inside you

The value is inside you find yourself again


The value is inside you : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, my look of Love stays with you, with all of my heart I am present, to place Love inside you, as well as comfort for the many moments of life when you need effort, you need strength, you need to grab a problem, to shed light on an issue, to change, to place your own self into the correct path; in this humanity you feel a lot of pain, you witness injustice, so many tears are shed when you feel transparent to the eyes of the other person, I come to comfort this pain, and to remind you how much each one of you is precious in our eyes.


The images of earth not always mirror the value that is inside you, in the thousand conditions of life, your feelings are fogged, they are constricted, they are closed, and the heart feels so much pain at not being in freedom, because to be free is to Be Love, and I understand, I understand you in all of your difficulties, but I wish to be a sweet stimulus to change; I see you for how you are: wonderful hearts in difficulty.


Do you understand my words, my beloved brothers? And you too, my beloved sister, do you understand my word? In this humanity is how the problem is born, but you are Love, this is the Truth, it’s better to release, to Love, and being in the emotion, because as you free yourselves, you may find yourself again in the change, in the value.


And the effort and the strength, and the situation you face contain you inside your value.


The effort is you, the strength is you, the person facing it is you, with all of the Love that comes from the heart.


Your value is in the difficulties, it’s your value that faces things and does not give in, your value places your self, in the dignity toward the world.


And the value conquered gains strength.


My Love wants to guide you, guide you to cement your value, my stimulus.


And now I embrace you my beloved brothers and sisters with all of my Love.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The value is inside you find yourself again is Message 12th June 2014




The value is inside you find yourself again


The value is inside you


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