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Peace in the rest of the world

Peace in the rest of the world energy that brings hope and life


Peace in the rest of the world : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today you live in peace, a peace that others have conquered through war, this is your current situation; now you have a Constitution, you have a government, opinions expressed by the various parties and movements, you vote, and you have a government born from elections, or governments that circumstances dictate, but in this continuity you guarantee yourselves peace; contrasting opinions converge to guarantee a time of peace; now the light of every new movement, you listen carefully, you evaluate these proposals, and in the interest of all, you place your affiliation, and in your freedom you deploy your ideas, to be able to permit a better progress; now that the peace has been conquered, it’s the agreement among you that guarantees the continuity of the peace.


Brothers, what happened came exactly from the contrast between yourselves, from the desire to impose yourselves on to others, from the blindness of the consequences of your own proposals, to considering as an enemy anyone opposed to you, from the sad opposition to the value of every human being that is seen as different or rich and powerful. This is the story, your story, a story of hate and war.


You think of you today, you understand the anguish of those who escape death, of those who escape violence, escape war, you understand pain and death, the death of your own bonds, you understand the pain from the destruction of what had been built, you understand the screams of desperation, and you still see the hatred and war among your brothers, and you think that it is an inevitable mourning, to bring earth to live in peace, and your thought surrounds the entire earth and all humans.


It’s an inevitable mourning, your thought claims, when your Love knows the history, and knows that only a meeting among brothers can create peace. You see this heart building scenarios of understanding, of agreements, of mutual respect, of possible choices for the entire humanity, of an opportunity for understanding, and so you bring on earth an opportunity for a civilized living for this humanity. Energy, this is what you send form the heart of the collective thought, a collective thought that includes all brothers and that brings hope and life.


This humanity, all these brothers need all of your energy, the Love that you send from the heart, the Love of each one of you. And it will be peace.


United with our heart.


I embrace you


Your brother Jesus Christ


Peace in the rest of the world energy that brings hope and life is Message 16th June 2014




Peace in the rest of the world energy that brings hope and life


Peace in the rest of the world


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