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The return of Jesus Christ

The return of Jesus Christ words from God the Father


The return of Jesus Christ : in front of your eyes you have different communications, they reflect the need for your brother Jesus to return to you; many see in the evidence of catastrophes, of mournings, of the mountain of pain that is pervading modern days, as events that precede the arrival of my son Jesus.


These hearts that yearn to meet with him, to be his disciples by his side, these hearts see in the Love that my son will be able to bring slowly and steadily to many hearts the redemption from the suffering, the affirmation of justice, affirmation of Love, freedom for all men, without any more limitations and obstructions. This is what your hearts await, the event that will bring back among you peace and wellbeing to all.


Today this peace is not there, there is still pain, destruction, and rivers of people who escape from places of war and hunger and the desolation today is visible to all.


Being among you today would be wrong because, despite the fact that all of my Love would want to be there to embrace you, and to be of example and guide you in the Love, at the same time being with you would be to painfully accept that, over the course of the long time of every incarnation, from the time of our fathers to our days, your Love has never spoken, managed, built, built for the people, faced and solved problems; every passage in your collectivity has been guided by the heart of many, and there are many hearts, in your times, that push your humanity for a greater evolution.


In agreement, we renew our effort next to you to be able to inspire you, we sustain you to be able to deploy your courage and always, always your Love, in your hearts there is a light that never goes out, there is a light that can spread and illuminate, there is a light that gives life and meaning, Love, this light you carry and pulsates inside you is called Love; the light of understanding, the light of respect, Love, Love for everything and everyone, this is who you are: Love for everything, and for everyone; from your birth, this is what you are.


If I could illuminate your hearts as a Father, and make evident to you how beautiful you are, one moment, an illuminated heart, aware of the beauty of itself, but this is the long journey that, as Souls, you are making, and even in different conditions, through thousands of experiences, including today, right now on earth.


The light of the heart shines from the inside, it’s up to you to activate it, to switch it on when faced with a problems, and giving all of yourselves as a companion in the suffering, in the problems, in the drama, your self among the people as an answer of Love, an answer of Love from you to problems, a gesture of Love, Love.


Like stars, your Love is capable of a lot, you need some momentum, and need to feel the suffering of others to involve you, think my children, what a passion you could feel moving inside all of yourselves, passion that comes from Love, if the eyes, as they look on, could perceive the problems in others, their needs, their necessities, the heart would be instantly a light, and the Love would immediately be at their side.


My children, why don’t you ask “How are you? What are you really feeling?” and immediately the light will come and understand, and Love will be right at its side.


The experience of yourselves in the light is the greatest treasure, beauty, experience of light, experience of beauty in what you are, experience of yourselves in what you truly are, Love, forever Love, you are my children, and, as the Father, I continue the Love; the experience I donated to you comes from the heart, it continues in the heart, and it affirms itself completely in the heart.


I say goodbye to you in the light, The Father


And in the feeling, greetings from the Virgin Mary, and from your brother Jesus Christ


The return of Jesus Christ words from God the Father is the message dictated 27th October 2015




The return of Jesus Christ words from God the Father


The return of Jesus Christ


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