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Day of all departed ones a gift for you

Day of all departed ones a gift for you and for our loved ones


Day of all departed ones : today, while we are talking to you, we are surrounded with the affection of all your beloved ones, who have reunited with us at the end of their lives; the affection you know is still in their hearts, the faithfulness to each one of your hearts is always there, they did not forget life on earth, and today they understood also the many painful moments that they went through in life; you see, the many moments show through the effort of how much Love was donated to their  brothers, so many times we have given, so many times we kept going, just like help has been donated, the heart has put so much into Love, and then there were moments of difficulty that crossed their lives, the affection, the relations, so much pain has been felt in the loss of your loved ones, always the anguish of not knowing where they had gone to has shrouded them with sadness, even their departure created problems on earth, problems with wills, all alone, while before you were united together, and while the pain marked their steps in their lives, life kept going on, with the usual daily chores, that heart felt so much difficulty in resuming work again, with the experiences, and all difficulties that the heart has managed, or succumbed to, there are many things you take away with you when you regain contact with yourselves in your lives as Souls, and they are all moments of life from the heart; the past taught you so much, the journey on earth, fundamental moments for the awareness of yourselves, once you close your eyes, the Soul regains possession of the entire vision of the experience of life on earth, and at the center of it all is the heart, the life experimented from the heart.


It’s always important to maintain this vision of the heart at the center of the experience of life, because many mistakes originate among you the moment you stop listening to your inside, to the emotion that pushes you from the heart, embracing the outside, made of fake values, of economy, of division and of evil.


This everlasting effort to give your heart, perhaps in life is not shared by everyone, but even that moment is part of the life you lived, and your choice, just like every choice is a product of the heart in that moment, will accompany you during your journey.


To your eyes, this heart shines in your lives in the moment when a success makes you very happy, when a meeting with a heart turns into a profound passion of Love, in all the moments where, from the heart, you imagine the birth of a child, when you have him in your arms, the intensity shows you the power of your own heart, that turns people into people in love, this very same heart is with you in every moment, today stronger in intensity, tomorrow perhaps less so, but every day it’s always active and it pushes toward your path.


The intensity you sometimes feel today is the element of your loved ones: freed from their bodies, the right vision is regained, and here comes the everlasting Love, the present is an experience of the heart, an everlasting experience of the heart and in all of its intensity; some advice is given from the heart, every action is suggested by the heart, and even being with you is Love to send.


On this day of pain, as you remember your loved ones who one day passed away, you remember the many moments in which you have felt their heart express love, this is your gift for them, that will make them happy, and this is my gift for you as you seek from the heart, you crave contact, a way to participate to their peace.


Now, through your tears is how you establish a contact of Love with your loved ones, but one day, the smile will return, and it will be nice meeting again, the embrace, the contact in the smile, and that forever will know the renewal of your contact of Love.


I embrace you my children, with all of my Love, you are Angels, you are made of Love, just like the Angels with you, you have a center of beauty in your heart, you speak from the heart, you listen from the heart, you turn every gesture into a message from your heart, may your message of help your heart in your lives.


Your Father, for you


Day of all departed ones a gift for you and for our loved ones is the Message dictated for 2nd November




Day of all departed ones a gift for you and for our loved ones


Day of all departed ones


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