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The life inside the heart never stops

The life inside the heart never stops Message


The life inside the heart never stops : in our last message, you have seen the Father surrounded by hearts, beautiful hearts, and the preciousness, you see, is in the Love that is contained in the heart.


You see, Paradise is a feeling that they live today, as they are the expression in the awareness of the Love felt, feeling Love, moving with the need to express oneself as Love, being surrounded by Love, the heart sends a heart, a heart sends a look, a heart sends a contact, and sometimes, when we are alone with ourselves, the life that passed is a sweet memory of life in the affections.


Sweet memories of companions, and the rest of the memories are only complexities of time in life, of the many efforts of work, the times of life, this is what it has been the time of survival, life, your actual, real life was registered in the heart in the contact, in the look, in the smile, with which you have spent the time in your lives.


I believe that the most precious memories have been those when you felt an emotion very intensely, from joy, to the conquest of Love exchanged, there are many memories that life has left with you, and the memory is that of the affection.


The memory means the heart, the memory is the emotion, the memory is only the expression of what was registered by the heart of that moment, the heart that right now is here among us, which is a constant expression of itself.


Life is now among you, the effort of the heart is that of wanting to be life, an emotion to send, emotion in the contact with the other, emotion, the heart lives of emotions.


There are so many daily situations where the commitments leave very little room, there are so many moments of rushed contact, so many moments of distracted passage, however, the life inside the heart never stops, and it seeks and it stimulates contact.


Has your heart been waiting a long time to live?


It just takes a moment, you just need to look at others for a moment, making a contact with their emotion, and sending others the Love that you are feeling, the affection of life, the affection for a child, the affection for those who are older and take care of us, the affection for the people who surround us, and who share our daily lives, the affection for all the people who surround us and who share our daily lives, the affection for all the people who make our lives special with their experience, and the affection for the many who share the experience with us, the needs, and the complexity of life on earth.


In the moment of the passage, all these moments will become memories, beyond the complexity and the effort, the memory will be of the moments when your eyes will have activated Love.


Always make time to look up.


With Love, your brother Jesus Christ, in front of your eyes


The life inside the heart never stops is the Message 04th November 2015




The life inside the heart never stops Message


The life inside the heart never stops


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