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Attack in Paris the words of God

Attack in Paris the words of God our Father


Attack in Paris the words of God : our position on the attack in Paris, you ask, pain, immense pain among us, we cry, we remember the past, so much pain for these brothers who have gone through a moment of joy, to bring pain and terror, all together, all victims, there are no winners, they are all victims of the moment.


Life erased in a moment, death explodes in a moment, just like the pain that was spread in a single moment.


Erasing with violence is a freedom from someone who imposes themselves, freedom of thinking they are the strongest, freedom to take everything and then force the freedom that, they believe, supposedly is the right one.


How does one impose freedom? Freedom is the correct answer to equilibrium, every community that bases itself on respect has freedom, whenever there are many of you that have things, there is liberty, whenever there is constant attention to the needs of even the single individual, there comes freedom. Your freedom is not a factor that is given to you, but is the result of the equilibrium among people.


When I hear “Let’s bring freedom”, “What freedom are you bringing”, I tell your heart “Freedom is not brought, it’s being in the conditions of respect, of equilibrium, promoting freedom, this is the situation of freedom, nothing else”.


What is imposed with violence? Violence. You have arms, and your brothers have arms,do  you believe that all that pain will really bring the beginning of freedom? If freedom is oppression, then maybe this is what you are beginning to create, not the real freedom.


When you think that peace has to be defended, you are not talking about real peace, this is a contradiction, either the conditions exist, or are lost, and these too are the consequence of the equilibrium of a community.


And so, my children, you see that freedom and peace right now are not there, a freedom that is growing, a peace that is growing, but they are not yet freedom and peace.


My advice in these times is to not let yourselves be distracted by threats and fears, but to work to reach the equilibrium, still precarious, in your own societies; this can be the best answer for all, even for those brothers who believe that anger in the face of abuses is the only solution.


Take care of each other’s many problems that forbid freedom from establishing itself, or peace to establish itself, or well being to establish itself, and give the right amount of meaning to this freedom.


In the pain, I embrace you


Your Father In the Sky


Attack in Paris the words of God our Father Message 17th November 2015




Attack in Paris the words of God our Father


Attack in Paris the words of God


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