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The heart centre of your own identity

The heart centre of your own identity messages


The heart centre of your own identity : today, in this time, is when your experience has to continue, your experience as Souls that, during the incarnation, gain knowledge of themselves, of what they have in the heart; it’s right, my brothers, to continue to experiment, continuing to experiment oneself, despite the pain and the anxiety.


Being on earth is an endless search of unity with oneself, the heart, being a heart as the centre of one’s own identity is a truth that has to be conquered, and that’s when earth is the opportunity to be able to conquer it.


You are feeling so, so many emotions, the events in Paris, the wave of pain, the responsible parties, the death of innocence, pain in the eyes of those who witnessed it, washing the area where the tragedy took place, careful with the Love, the emotion of those who lost a loved one, all this speaks of your heart, and it’s impossible for you to ignore the heart when it speaks in the pain.


Right in this moment the heart is piercing your emotion, what you are feeling, and it’s difficult to even talk in the feeling of pain, pain in your centre, feeling that fills your interiority, your identity is in the emotion that in this moment is in the heart.


And that’s when the heart sends you identity.


Even your affections are suffering in their identity, and your heart responds to that too, with feeling still, and form the heart, your action translates into actions toward your loved ones what is your feeling, and life continues on, with its necessities, and this makes you meet other people, and the pain and anxiety is also in their hearts, and what you are sharing is a very similar situation of pain and worry.


Starting again is a necessity, there are many brothers in pain who would like to give up, they need even more of an effort, you are the help as you see pain inside their eyes, but also need.


The heart is in this moment, the time of anxiety, the time of pain, but it’s also time of recognizing that this feeling you feel inside you, is in the anguish in the feeling of every heart that is going through your road, that enters from a gate, that holds his child in his hand, that faces life, that has a Love story, that has a project for existence.


We are all in the emotion in this moment, it’s important to make the most of this recognition.


I embrace you with lots, lots of Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


The heart centre of your own identity is the message dictated on 23rd November 2015




The heart centre of your own identity Messages


The heart centre of your own identity


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