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The biggest need is to be in peace

The biggest need is to be in peace Messages


The biggest need is to be in peace : the journey to peace is long, and it crosses conflicts and moments of clash, moments in which evil fights the good, the interest of many to what is supposedly the good, the interest of one  party; men think of tomorrow, their eyes look at tomorrow, with the intention to be able to afford things in life, when the biggest need is to be in peace, and being in peace is being in equilibrium.


All these roads you are walking will be an endless search for equilibrium, and only over time it will be possible to reach the right balance.


Earth needs time to be able to allow the passage form this vision of things due to need, to what is good for humanity; not eyes to deprive, but eyes to protect, not actions to take away, but actions aimed at protecting.


Today this humanity has as an objective for tomorrow, but it’s a tomorrow that is limited to your own existence, and this is the most complicated obstacle ever to overcome on earth.


You have today, your tomorrow, and then, those who will come after you will have gained from the experience that you are building; just like the past handed the harvest to you, so you prepare the harvest for those after you. What will you leave behind to the eyes of others, to the eyes of the future? The search for freedom, search for an equilibrium to conquer, but your humanity could, in the meantime, build bridges, or a simple path, you have this responsibility in your present time.


Among you, many look at the future, and it’s a future of civilization, of peace, of balance, and while today the difficulties are seen as moments to overcome, as a necessity with which one has to confront himself, for others, the very same difficulties and necessities are seen as an excuse to give validity to their own selfishness, blocking the progress of this humanity.


And so it befalls on you, who have inherited hope from your past, and efforts, and values of freedom, to welcome the emergency, to take ownership of the necessity, to return the treasure of the harvest in your hands. The strength of humanity is in your hands, in your intelligence, and in your heart.


I say goodbye with an embrace


Your brother Jesus Christ


The biggest need is to be in peace Messages is the Message 23rd November 2015




The biggest need is to be in peace Messages


The biggest need is to be in peace


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