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Together in the garden of Love

Together in the garden of Love Messages


Together in the garden of Love : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I come bringing you my Love, and as I bring it to you, I light up, and it’s peace for you, my brothers, Love for you my brothers, because I am bringing the whole of myself to you; help, a light, that may convey to your emotion that being together is a reality; you and us, together in time, you and us together in everything that happens, you and us, so close in the pain, in the sadness, in the dark moments, in the recent tragedy, and for every moment when brothers no longer remember that the other person is himself, in another body, but the image of himself; we share everything, even in the nicest moments, you and us are together, everything, a laugh, the lightness, the memory of a wonderful experience, everything that comes from your heart is immediately shared with our heart; there are many moments every day, there are many movements in the emotion that we share with you, and every day and the whole life, you and us.


Now that I just spoke to you, you are able to hear and read my words, however, since forever, from within the emotion, I have been listening to all your moments, the connection in the emotion, our being together, one great big heart.


And just like we speak in the emotion, you are constantly listening from within you. Where is the freedom when being together? It’s inside what is right for you, which is to reflect, and then to put into action what you thought, felt from the Love, accepting your every reaction, and then placing distances, leaning on Love, with no hurry, for Love to grow you need time, your time, your experimentation of the heart over time, your experimentation of the treasure that gives life within your chest, a sweet melody that accompanies you in every moment, and that you like, it’s nice to be Love, it’s a joy to be Love, one moment you are living, on another moment you have difficulties to express yourself, and it’s in this journey that lies the road that we are walking together, you and us.


In the heart we are together always, always, always, our garden is our heart, in the heart.


I am embracing you in our garden,




Together in the garden of Love Messages are words dictated 1st December 2015




Together in the garden of Love Messages


Together in the garden of Love


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