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Raising a child parents’ doubts

Raising a child parents’ doubts messages


Raising a child parents’ doubts : my brothers and sisters, your worries not only belong to the past and your present, but they inevitably look at situations in the future; for parents, raising a child is to anticipate even for when he will be an adult, your worries follow you from work to home, satisfactions anticipated since the classroom desks times, inclinations can help over time to find the road that your son will take for his job, and through this passage he will grow up with you, and as a man or a woman will absorb your essence from everyday life, your character, your values, and you will be a guide for him or her, with the Love you donated.


Your worries will be about the important ways in which to accompany him, and the effort of guidance will be constant. The questions inside you will remain, the doubts, your own doubts will remain hidden inside you as you accompany him, there are still doubts over the Love that he will encounter, over relations, over the life of family and doubts over the exterior that will slowly intervene during the long journey.


You will even have doubts over yourselves, will health accompany you? In front of your eyes life’s uncertainties will raise new doubts, you have the present, your future will come, and so many things will happen, and while you walk, you ask your questions to the Force that surrounds you, asking for protection and help during your project, and Love happily answers:


“Worries push people to their commitment, every doubt allows contact with yourselves, every effort activates Love, and every commitment activated by Love will be your experience of yourselves, and your questions over your journey will be moments in which to put even more Love.


Peace does not mean to not have any worries, or doubts, or questions, peace in every situation means to lean on to your own Love, and be the expression of the world that beats on the inside; what comes from sweet Love goes to a child, and guides from the emotion, because for Love to be transmitted you need to make contact with your heart first.


Often in your questions you make contact with those experiences that you were told, and often your choices are dictated by these memories, when it would be wiser to ask yourselves, question your heart, and draw strength from the emotion to make all the necessary choices of the moment. The strength of emotions is the strength that guides you during your journey, and leaning on Love it will bring strength in the choice.


Understanding, the understanding of a child and the understanding of what generates your questions or doubts, has in the heart the right basis to answer effectively and respectfully for your own actions as well as others' “


This is how Love answers your doubts and your questions.


I embrace you with all my heart.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Raising a child parents’ doubts is the Message 5th December 2015


Raising a child parents’ doubts Messages


Raising a child parents’ doubts


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