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Loneliness hearts suffering with loneliness

Loneliness hearts suffering with loneliness messages


Loneliness hearts suffering with loneliness : today my dear brothers and my dear sisters we will talk of how a heart, in your times, lives loneliness; albeit there are many hearts that you will meet over time, quite a few will not think of establishing a deep relationship, they feel the needs of life with other brothers, but the time of life places the primary needs of survival first, and so you think about your job first, your home, and everything that is necessary to live life.


A priority over time, like accompanying each other and creating a family; relations with your parents and with your companion’s parents; sometimes Love, affection, they can be experienced in the relationships with your parents, but sometimes they encounter difficulties, and in some difficulties sometimes hostility does not allow to share affection.


Those who have contact with their brothers in the place of work know that it is possible to establish relations of Love, of affection also with others, and beyond the necessities of your commitment, your creating relations makes your effort more pleasant, however, competition, envy, wanting to be better than others, all this places obstacles to this humanity who could be expressing itself.


When we feel suffering in our hearts from loneliness, failures, impossibilities, wrapped up in loneliness we give value to things and not to the affection we seek, we resort to exchanging love by means of our body, without seeking to exchange the Love of a life; we are indifferent to others when Love comes from others; Love must always be sought, even in the darkness of night, Love must be sought, even in the disappointment, Love must always be sought, always, it must always be sought.


The right attitude in life is that of going toward others, of creating a relationship in the contact with others, speaking to brothers, listening to them, making contact with their hearts, even if just for a moment. The brother in the humanity carries a precious cargo, his heart, that could be making a contact with yours, and bring you to live an emotion; the important thing is that being alone, and loneliness are overcome by the heart only through meetings with other hearts as you start relationships. Meet openly the hearts of your brothers.


With joy in meeting you,


Your brother Jesus Christ


Loneliness hearts suffering with loneliness is the Message 11th December 2015




Loneliness hearts suffering with loneliness


Loneliness hearts suffering


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