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Christmas is now message

Christmas is now message by the Lord


Christmas is now message : Christmas is now, the stars shine in the sky, a child is born, and will be called Lord, Christmas shines like a ray of light, it will bring hope among people, as well as the words of our Father Of The Sky.


Oh, how tiny, he is really small, but he will be the Lord.


People around him are watching, they can not believe that the Lord is born, he was born in poverty, he has nothing, no riches, not even a seal, he has shepherds around him, no nobility, no caste of power, nothing at all, but he has Love, and it’s exactly his great Love that will shine on seas and mountains, rivers and all valleys, his Love will even illuminate grottoes, when he will be with his companions among the people of many lands, he will speak and will tell of the Love of the Father, of the way to follow to be worthy, and will perform miracles for the people, for them to believe in him, and listen to his voice as if it was the voice of the Father.


He will come to this humanity, calling all of them his brothers, he will go with words and Love; inside his eyes you will see shining a light: passion, Love deployed; and now that he has grown up, he will die for you, and even his sacrifice will be in the name of the great Love that he feels for you; the light leaves earth, the light goes toward the Sky, and his heart is so bright now that it can still be with you, through his companions, his words dictated, in the heart full of Faith, in everyone that turns his heart to him.


This is Christmas, the memories of a heart that has loved life for you, and this is my story.


In the embrace, your brother Jesus Christ


Christmas is now message by the Lord is the Message 14th December 2015




Christmas is now message by the Lord


Christmas is now


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