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Others are a source of life for the heart

Others are a source of life for the heart


Others are a source of life for the heart : today this humanity is seeking the future, while feeling the pressure of the winds of violence, of threats, and the certainty of new assassinations; my brothers who are spreading violence today will be feeling so much shame, they commit massacres, promote war, and in the meantime they operate in safety, brothers responsible for the fighting, brothers carrying forward an idea while operating in non-respect of others, of other people and other ideas; so much shame these blood-stained brothers will feel, they will not have a moment of life left for their eyes upon their numerous and grave errors, it will be hell, not life, a life of hell.


It’s so atrocious being in front of Love, and placing one’s own errors in front of one’s life, placing the pain that was caused, the violence and every act that he had caused others; there is no motivation when one destroys, only waiting to see one’s own principle being affirmed, as if the other person’s life was of a lesser value than the life of another person.


Sometimes we think that our reason must be asserted with violence, but this is never how it works, in order to bring change, reason needs to be act of many, it must be shared, it must be an answer to the problems of the majority.


The life of my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters needs a lot of peace, of solidarity, of thinking of everyone as together, of harmony, of dialogue, of exchange of contents of minds and emotions, this is what life needs, but sometimes the desire, quite widespread, of being the one brother who raises above others and stands out from the group, leads to errors, just like in this moment when one chases an individuality that will differentiate, unique and special, that’s when pride is doing the talking, not the emotion.


The heart says unity, it says Truth: no-one of us is sufficient to oneself, others are the source of Love, and a precious source of life for us.


I leave you to reflect on this, while I embrace you with Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Others are a source of life for the heart is the message dictated 15th December 2015.




Others are a source of life for the heart message


Others are a source of life for the heart


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