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Life continues after the death

Life continues after the death of the body


Life continues after the death : my dearest brothers and my dearest sisters, I come to announce to the world the happy news, the death of your brother Jesus made your forever free from death; from that time, the temple that welcomes you is the home of the Father; you believed that this death is eternal, you believed that this light had gone out and could never shine again, you believed that for this humanity, once death arrived there was nothing else, you spent all your energies to live your life, without any other hope other than being terrestrials.


Today, you compare with the world that surrounds you, so much wonder and light, and peace and harmony, and all of your surrounds speak to you of life, of continued existence, today of your earth you see the importance of being happy from within, or being remorseful, hearts in freedom, or full of shame, because for all of you existing means testing yourselves as a heart; in the freedom that has been donated to you, a heart chooses in every moment to be free to love, or to not feel the emotion, and give priority to the mind and pride.


During this period on earth, so many occasions present themselves to compare yourselves within the emotion, there is freedom, a heart, while being able to Love, can decide in full freedom not to give of itself, a heart, while able to love, can demand conditions before giving itself, a brother, while being able to love, can end the life of another, many brothers feel they are invincible, and obscure the emotion with violence.


Of every single action in this life, you will be accountable in the life that awaits you, once you conclude this experience of the heart on earth.


This is very important for you today, with much humility you should think of yourselves in this earthly moment, compare yourselves with humility, have relations with humility, like a heart that finds an agreement with another heart, as a heart that confronts itself with another heart, we are not bigger but equal, our hearts have the same dignity; a heart contains a paradise, and in harmony freedom is expressed. A heart overflows with Love, but in order to live it needs conditions of freedom: agreement, conditions of harmony, conditions of harmony make a heart a wonderful expression of itself.


This same being, which will then make the passage to this continuation of life, will carry all of its Love also among us.


Christmas started with the announcement of the arrival of little Jesus, now what is important in what I brought to you is: Love in your actions, the words of the Father, and in my passage of heart on earth, the great promise that life will continue after the death of the body, the same life I have shown you and that to date allows me, brothers and sisters, to love you each moment of my own life.


Forever with you, for Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Life continues after the death of the body is the Message dictated 18th December 2015




Life continues after the death of the body


Life continues after the death



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