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Christmas the wishes from God the Father

Christmas the wishes from God the Father from Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ messages


Christmas the wishes from God the Father from Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ : my beloved children, today we celebrate Christmas with you, the Love of your brother arrived on earth, in his eyes a desire to be a guide for you beyond the time necessary to be a guide for you on earth; when he was born, he had his great heart inside him and my great heart next to him; much has been done during the time of mankind, much has blossomed from the effort of your brother Jesus, many are the people who have continued to carry his words right up to these days, words that speak to the people about Love.


Your brother’s life has been entirely in the name of his brothers; from the moment he started to speak with the sage men of the Truths that he was carrying inside him, Truths that he shared with all, his guiding began; these gained truths, which you have available continue to guide you right up to your present day.


I would like to wish you a merry Christmas, even if the moment is full of hatred, I would like that from your heart came a wind of peace, blowing over the entire planet, carrying the Love that he has taught you.


Today, and forever, may a wind of Love be created among you.


Your Father always next to you



How happy I am at being able to embrace you, it’s an immense joy to be with you children, it’s a joy that comes from within, it’s Love that I feel for you.


You have to climb so many mountains in life, so many monsters you have to face, difficulties in your everyday lives, a life in mourning, lives shaken by hatred, this humanity is victim of the powerful ones, for you is all of my Love, the Love that forgives what is expressed in times of difficulty, and that reaches out to console you, to support you, and give you strength, and place you close to me in my embrace.


Life never ends, experiences end, even the most normal ones, and the heart looks at an experience inside it, the great treasure that we all carry: the Love that we carry in the chest.


This is the life that awaits you, Love, gaining experience of the Love that you carry inside. This same Love that you often have difficulty in deploying today, later will be the engine of your every single action.


I leave you my beloved ones, to your brother Jesus, many wishes of Merry Christmas from your Virgin Mother Mary.



From the heart come my wishes to each one of you, if you knew, my beloved ones, with how much joy I say these words, a joy, a commitment that I feel for each one of my brothers and each one of my sisters, may these days go smoothly between you, in faith and in serenity, in the Love exchanged, in the smiles and joy, let the time that has passed between you be a sweet memory, a moment of harmony, a time of fraternity.


Leave problems behind until tomorrow, allow yourselves this time to live the affection that you feel for your children, for your parents, for your companions, for your parents and friends and acquaintances, carry the peace to your street, to your towns, to your cities. Make Christmas a moment of life from the heart.


I am with you, invited into your Christmas. Many wishes with all your Love, your brother Jesus Christ.


Christmas the wishes from God the Father from Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ for the day of Christmas 2015



Christmas the wishes from God the Father from Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ


Christmas the wishes from God the Father


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