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Be a heart for the new world

Be a heart for the new world messages


Be a heart for the new world : now that a new year has come, my beloved brothers and sisters, may your heart find again the serenity and desire, so deep, to build a better world for yourselves and for humanity.


Just like when a child is conceived, while you wait for the day he will be born, you imagine the meeting with that heart, and you make a program so that all of his needs will be met, the same is for humanity facing this existence, you build a world that will truly respect the needs of life, of existence, of every single brother, giving value to what is inside, and not to the cultural or religious background, or any other characteristic that would distance him further from you. You, and your brother, you are without differences, you are precious, and so is your brother, equally precious, and life does unfold within differences, each one with their own program, but life is precious for both.


Look to see if that brother has a need: be a heart


Look at the conditions of life: be a heart


Help your brother in need: be a heart


Take on their anguish: be a heart


Put yourself in your brother’s shoes: be a heart


This is the new world, a heart that takes on the problems of other hearts, and activates bringing hope and effort, and involves other hearts, and resolves things together.


This is the new world, a world of hearts turning a difference into a need to all progress together.


In the heart, who knows how many times you felt pain for other, correct? Who knows how much the news from the media have made you feel sad, and yet, you don’t know people but the heart sees every single person in your humanity who is suffering as a brother, in every situation, in every environment, in every town, in every difficulty a heart feels Love, and feels the other as a brother.


Perhaps you think that the effort of one single person can count little or nothing, everyone in the world feels discouraged, however, do unite with your other brothers who, over time, move with your same pain, and together with time the solution will arrive.


I leave you my heart, keep it with you in your objectives.


With Love, your brother Jesus Christ


Be a heart for the new world messages Message 4 January 2016




Be a heart for the new world messages


Be a heart for the new world


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