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Be Love for the world and for yourself

Be Love for the world and for yourself messages


Be Love for the world and for yourself : be the light that through existence can make your brothers’ and sisters’ eyes shine; give Love to those eyes that are around you and are facing life, their existence, as a journey sometimes so complicated by the lack of affection from their own parents and others with whom they are in contact; life has difficulties on many levels, but there is always a great pain when others are not able to participate to events that take place in life, be the one heart that is close, be the presence and help, even practical help, and welcome the suffering as a moment of difficulty that can eventually change.


At the eyes of this suffering humanity, be Love and help and hope, and even when death will arrive, continue to be hope for life on the other side.


Many times you will see brothers make mistakes, don’t resort to punishment, don’t be the judge, be Love, the right arbitrator is time, living the consequences will be because of the errors made.


In life choose freedom, the great freedom of being you, don’t adapt to what others think or want, you are in charge, and it’s your freedom to choose, only your reflection can choose, only your Love has the right to choose.


Make sure everyone has Love inside the heart for you, for your presence, for the moments of life spent together, for the affection you donated, try not to answer when others have moments of anger or violence, distance yourself, observe the obscurity they have been living their lives in.


Life is the life from the heart, life of Love, there are many experiences in life, they are experiences of the heart, only when you contemplate the heart at the centre of life, you allow for every action, every behavior, every gesture is a true expression of yourself, of the movement of your heart from the inside to the outside; you know, everything in life has experience in the heart, every single moment corresponds to an emotion inside you, it’s the life of your heart inside you; you live the emotion, and you choose what brings Love into the heart, and the heart, guided, will bring to the great Love that is still not expressed, is inside you, and you will become aware of it, you will truly know it, your real self that is made of light because it is Love.


I embrace you with all of my affection


Your brother Jesus Christ


Be Love for the world and for yourself messages Message 7th January 2016




Be Love for the world and for yourself messages


Be Love for the world and for yourself


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