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A heart in peace is in the truth

A heart in peace is in the truth feed your hearts with hope


A heart in peace is in the truth : a heart in life, a heart in the existence, is you, through the contact with life from the heart, it can experiment every aspect of what you truly are; every meeting places experience inside you of your brother, and experience of you in the emotion as it moves in the meeting with that brother, and in this lies the experience of yourselves; when I am in contact with my heart, I will feel inside that contact with my brothers the expression of myself; in every emotion I will find a part of me, in every emotion I will be able to feel a part of me; the emotion is therefore the journey of true discovery of myself.


Whenever I meet a brother whose heart is dark, I think that violence is the answer to the heart that feeds from violence, the heart has violence as its food, just like abuse is its food, just like winning is its food, just like defeating other’s dignity is food, just like the feeling of victory over another is its food. Meeting violence, I am meeting a heart that feeds off of this.


When I meet a brother who, in the crowds, emerges as a hero, I believe that in that brother there is a heart that feeds from vanity, starting from “I am so good”, to “I am special”, “no problems”, and feeds his heart from the feeling of emerging from difficulties of others for vanity.


When I meet a brother who has the truth in the heart, in a second I will see transparency in his eyes, I will see warmth in his eyes,  I will see inspiration in his eyes toward me, and his smile will communicate to me that he is truly with me; in the contact I will think that his heart feeds from Love and joy; that brother moves in life, but feeds his heart with possibilities, of affection for others, of effort to be of help, of profound consideration for others, of respect and consideration for life as an experience, life as a treasure for everyone and everything; in contact with that heart I will think of a contact with a heart in peace, a heart feeding from Love.


My precious brothers and my precious sisters, often in your humanity there are many poisons feeding your hearts, when life is difficult, feed your hearts with hope, let your thoughts of Love nourish your heart, don’t shut down to the contact, be possibility, and from your heart say words of closeness to these difficulties, but always looking to the possibility of finding the best solution.


I embrace you with immense Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


A heart in peace is in the truth feed your hearts with hope Message 11th January 2016




A heart in peace is in the truth feed your hearts with hope


A heart in peace


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