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The desire of peace

The desire of peace and the realization phase


The desire of peace : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, as you have seen in the last few days, violence brings to death, the death of brothers, it does not know the word end, and even your own bombs make lands further inhospitable, and this will determine a mass migration of even more refugees, seeking peace and freedom.


Wherever these brothers will go, they will send with their example how fragile the peace in the arms of this humanity is, for as long as injustice and divisions among brothers will persist.


Separations, constantly separating brothers, by creed, by social class, sometimes by territory, for an infinity of reasons, it makes the change fragile, it makes feeling as brothers a fragile feeling, it makes humanity fragile, it makes the conquest of peace fragile, it makes yourselves fragile.


This separation from feeling with the other person, as the other person, from sharing territories, from having common goals, from facing change together, from making strides together in improving, this will not allow, my dear brothers and my dear sisters, the affirmation of peace.


Many of you believe that your violence and bombs are necessary for your self defense, and this is what others also respond with, for self defense. Do you understand that violence breeds violence, violence becomes infinite? How can you interpret violence other than attack and defense? On the other side, brothers will think of attack and defense, and over time, the vision will be infinite, just like history reminds us, victories and defeats will forever be felt this way, without asking themselves about the many problems and reasons.


Wishing peace now means working on the problems and the reasons, it means working on the causes that determined this conflict and the separation with all of its consequences that derive from it, this is the cause of this violence.


You see, in freedom there are no conditions, just consideration, you always have my respect beyond every condition that reflects you, how you dress, the territory you live in, your modalities of believing or even of educating your children, the vestments or money, they are details, for me these are conditions that I always respect because they are a part of you; my consideration is for you, a heart in its experience, a heart in its day.


You have experience of how in life you have united to men and women during a time very distant from you, you discovered the other person, and you felt him in his humanity just like you, and you accepted all their differences, placing respect and consideration for the feeling and the conditions of the other, and today they have become a friendship, marriage, life companions. See? You made peace.


Today those brothers, as they live through their dramas, need peace, the other person next to you needs peace, those who do not think exactly like you need peace, those who are facing the world with a desire of worldwide peace.


Being united will make all of your hearts stronger, and a time of peace will come.


With my Love for you


Your brother Jesus Christ


The desire of peace and the realization phase was the message 18 January 2016




The desire of peace and the realization phase


The desire of peace


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