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Remembering so we can be different

Remembering so we can be different people


Remembering so we can be different : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, the memory of so many atrocities done as manifestations of superiority of a nation, of a population, of part of a population, they are elements one must not forget.


Among you there is always a need to separate and stand out from others, without the heart the need for possession takes charge, possession, power, being more important than others, and every type of selfishness.


Selfishness nowadays is the same as the atrocities committed back then. Today it’s a need for superiority, today it’s a need for power, today it’s this arm that gives weapons to brothers and places them one against the other, selfishness disrupts life, selfishness, not need, selfishness.


When we decide that way, selfishness shows its face, how can I grab the best for me, what is best for me? The voice asks you, brothers, selfishness is a voice that makes people impose themselves and makes them care little about others, about friends and loved ones.


Among you many, many times, this is the main voice, and the voice of the Love of the heart is not even heard, because this voice does not impose itself, it seeks harmony, closeness, sharing, Love has others as its own priority.


You are still very distant from the new world that over time will come, and for this reason it’s important to remind you of the episodes that filled your world with atrocities, because if you are not clear from it, and if one day the new world will arrive, it will only be because you will have remembered and learned about the consequences of selfishness.


When brothers, once they hear the voice of selfishness, will instead turn their attention to their emotions, and listen to one another, a new day will be born and in time so will the new world.


You see how important it is to take on yourselves the responsibility of questioning yourselves, and putting yourselves in the other person’s place? A daily routine that over time will build the actions of everyone, every man and every woman, men and women will recognize each other as brothers as they put themselves in each other’s place, and violence will only be a distant memory of people who used to live in selfishness.


For this tomorrow to come, question yourselves today.


With all my heart


Your brother Jesus Christ


Remembering so we can be different people is a Message dictated 21st January 2016




Remembering so we can be different people


Remembering so we can be different


Remembering we can be different


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