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Certainties of life after death

Certainties of life after death experiences


Certainties of life after death : in May 2013 my son flew away, he was 17 years old; when he was a little kid he wore a little gold ring (the typical male gold band) which one day he lost; I eventually forgot about the existence of his little ring, but in September of the same year my son passed, I found it in my garden, it shone brighter than ever, yet, my garden gets used a lot, and lately my son had been helping me with it, why on earth would this little ring not have shown up in all of these years???


Anyway, when I picked it up, I felt these words inside me “mum have faith”, I am sure that it was my son, because he called me MUM and it was also on an important day, because his cousin, who was like a sister to him, was celebrating her first wedding anniversary, basically my son brought back the gold band in more than one way.


And then he lets me find wonderful hearts, especially with the light.


Sometimes he sends me messages in my dreams, or maybe he sneaks into other people’s dreams, who then like clockwork come and tell me about it, and I always understand the message he wants to give me and then I double check it in my daily life.


I thank God because he is giving me the certainty of his existence, and the awareness that one day I will hug my son once again.


Certainties of life after death experiences are the words from Ninna




Certainties of life after death experiences


Certainties of life after death


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