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Presences around us

Presences around us phrases and experiences


Presences around us : whenever I felt goosebumps, my grandmother used to tell me “a soul just brushed past you” but let me tell you what happened to me; one Sunday morning, a few months ago, I was awoken by a very strong scent, as if someone had just put their aftershave on, it was so intense it literally woke me, I thought someone had entered my bedroom after having just put on some deodorant or perfume, and yet I opened my eyes and the door was closed, by then I was fully awake, and I could still smell it.


I know it was my father.


And even when I go to the bathroom in the morning, several times I noticed a few drops of water on the cabinet, they were in the shape of a heart.


Presences around us are phrases and experiences from Daniela


Presences around us


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