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Communication from the other side

Communication from the other side messages after death


Communication from the other side : this is my testimonial about a communication from the other side, I received a message, this is my story, 5 years ago I dreamt I was on some kind of snow, I was walking, there were some obstacles, suddenly a man dressed in black came in from a door, with a file in his hand, he asked me if I was Carla, I answered I was, he told me that my father wanted to speak with me, I was happy, I agreed.


When the door opened, I was blinded by a wonderful light, then the man came back in and I was left in the dark again; the door opened one more time, the man dressed in black was about to walk out when another man, I was about to say that the man was not my father, but the man asked me if I would please say that he was my father.


The man dressed in black asked me “is he your father?”, I answered yes, then the man walked back in and I was left with him, I was looking at him, I did not know him, he was about 60 years old, white hair, he thanked me many times, he told me that he wanted to go out a little, he saw me, and so he called me.


We talked about many things, then he told me he wanted to say hello to his puppy, I was looking at him, he told me he was talking about his son, whom he had not been able to say goodbye to, and that was why he called me, so I could bring him his message.


Then the door reopened, he thanked me and proceeded to disappear into the room full of light, and then I woke up.


I told my husband about my dream, but he did not believe me.


One day I went to the cemetery with my husband, while I was looking at some photos, I stopped in front of a grave, I stood there staring at it for a while, it was him, the man who had spoken to me, I did not read his name, I just kept looking at him.


Then from a distance I could see a man walking toward us, in his fifties, carrying a bunch of flowers, he changed the old flowers and replaced them with fresh ones, I knew I had to say it, I had to speak with him, and so I walked up to him, and told him that this father was saying hello to his puppy; the man looked at me, he did not say anything, but I could see he had tears in his eyes, he asked me how I knew that puppy was in fact the nickname his father used with him, he told me his father was a good man, a hard worker, he died suddenly and he, his son, had not been not there for him, he was away working, he did not get to say goodbye to his father for the last time.


I told him about the dream, he started crying and thanked me profusely for the message that his father had given him through me then my husband arrived, and I told him “he is the son of the gentleman I told you I had dreamt about”


My husband was speechless, since then, every time I had a dream, he took me seriously.


Thank you, Sara Luce, because I have been able to write my testimonial


Communication from the other side messages after death are phrases from Carla


Communication from the other side messages after death


Communication from the other side


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