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Memories after death

Memories after death of my mother


Memories after death : I wanted to share with you my memories after the death of my mother, it’s something that my father told me two months ago, soon after my mother passed away; I have always been very religious, rather more spiritual than religious actually, I always felt that there is much more to this life, I always felt that something continues no beyond our existence here.


My father and I were at the hospital to visit my mother who had just come out of surgery, my father said “she is no longer here, she is in a better place”.


I was crying, I was devastated because that was my mother, and she had been the best mother a son could ever have, and with these emotions in me I literally screamed at him “how do you know?”


He didn’t answer, but when I did visit him two weeks later, he did tell me how he knew, he told me that one day, he was about 25 years old, he was working as a carpenter, he was sawing some wood and unfortunately he cut his arm so seriously that blood started squirting out, he probably had cut an important artery, together with my mother they ran to the hospital where, in the meantime, my paternal grandparents had also arrived.


My father told me that he suddenly found himself in the corner of the room, looking down at himself, the doctor and the nurses were trying to help him; he told me he could see my mother, his wife, and his parents crying, he remembers getting very cross because he was trying to tell them that everything was ok, that he was there, he was right there, but they could not hear him, then he remembered that he was moving about and soon he reached “a place”; he could not find the words to describe this place, he said that it was beautiful and that he felt at home there; he told me there was a group of people that were waiting for him and said “I knew them, I don’t know how I recognized them, but I did”.


Then he said he was told that was not his time, and that he had to go back, he did not want to, but he did it; he woke back up in hospital and he was told nobody thought he was going to pull through, everyone thought he was going to die on the operating table.


My father told me that he never shared this story with anybody outside his family, because he feared people would ridicule him, and yet my mother knew, even my aunts knew about it, and now I too know his experience.


Memories after death of my mother are the experiences of Marco


Memories after death of my mother


Memories after death


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