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Seeing a person’s Soul

Seeing a person’s Soul experiences


Seeing a person’s Soul : I would like to tell you about my experience, I see the Soul of my father, this is my story, my father was in hospital, and he was getting worse, so much so that I could not bear to stay at home, so I told my mother, “I am going to visit dad to see how he is”


When I arrived the nurse asked me “who warned you?”, I replied “nobody, why?” she said that his situation had deteriorated quickly.


At 16:45 he passed away, in that moment, while I was watching him, I saw a white ribbon of light leave his chest, it was ethereal, I tried to touch it, but I could not then this ribbon took on the shape of him and it leaped out of the room, leaving behind a bright light, blinding!!!


The nurse entered and told me “why did you turn the lights on?” and I answered “nobody turned it on, please let the doctor know my father has passed away!”


Seeing a person’s Soul are the experiences from Luisa


Seeing a person’s Soul


Seeing a Soul


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