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Angels near us my story

Angels near us my story


Angels near us my story : I want to tell you my story, I am a testimony that Angels are near us, I was at the doctor for a few tests, while he was writing the order for the tests, he also added a test to check the level of the PSA enzyme (Specific Prostatic Antigen); since I had just had it done three months earlier, I said “I just did this test”; the doctor was about to delete it, when I heard a voice inside me, rather commanding but at the same time sweet and convincing, telling me “do it!!”


The doctor was almost ready to delete it, but I stopped him, and said “well, you wrote it already, leave it there”.


Less than three months and a number of exceptional events later, I had surgery to remove a cancer from the prostate, on of the most aggressive types out there, the doctors said that if things not gone the way they went, I was going to have two more years to live, at most.


All this happened 12 years ago.


Angels near us my story are the experiences from Ovidio


Angels near us my story


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