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The existence of Angels The existence of God

The existence of Angels The existence of God A vision of two Angels Testimonies of Angels


The existence of Angels The existence of God My dear Sara Luce, during these days, I’m down, as you well know, for the lost of a great friend of mine and I was wondering for example about why certain things happen in life, of the existence of Angels, on the existence of God and things like that.


It’s at a time like that that I remember a very hard period of my life. I was really down for a love story that had ended, that anyway hadn’t been true love really, but I realized later. I had withdrawn into myself, and I didn’t want to go out with my fiends, I really felt sad and disappointed. I spent many hours in my room reading, sleeping, and watching TV.


One day while I was having a rest, I woke up or maybe I was half asleep (I have never got to understand if I was sleeping or at that moment, but surely it wasn’t a dream), and I saw my room very enlightened, a golden, very white light, I can’t exactly describe it well. Every corner of my room was sparkling with this light. My glance was attracted towards the end of my bed and there I saw two very tall, marvelous Angels with shining wings, and the thing I’ll never forget is their very sweet smiles and their loving glance.


It all happened in a instant, and then everything disappeared. The light in my room became the natural one of that summer afternoon very slowly. At that precise time I wasn’t afraid of anything. Everything seemed so natural, that I stayed in bed to think about what had occurred. Happiness and calmness grew inside of me faster than my thoughts.


I hadn’t told anyone about what happened for a long time, I was afraid they wouldn’t believe me. But now I speak about it only when I feel that I’m with people who need consolation, and to believe in something at that moment. It was a great experience. I know I receive other sort of help in every instant of my life. The only thing is that They are invisible, but the thing is that I can sensitive them.





The existence of Angels The existence of God A vision of two Angels Testimonies of Angels



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