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Angelic Rescue Apparition of an Angel

Angelic Rescue Apparition of an Angel Saved By An Angel


Angelic Rescue Apparition of an Angel : of course Sara Luce, I will try to tell you my experience in a few short words, when I was about eight years old I was running an errand for my mother, the road was straight, the only thing I had to do was cross a train crossing, where very rarely the train did pass, and it’s practically at the arrival platform of a small train station, at which point the train is already almost stopped.


The railway bars were down, but it was only the half-bar, and so, I am not sure how, perhaps out of distraction, I found myself standing right on top of the rails. I froze there, unable to cross over, while I watched a few people gesturing me to cross the rail line. The train was arriving, it was slowing down, when the train operator saw me he started to blow the whistle and push on the brakes even harder.


Obviously, even if the train had only been traveling at a couple miles per hour, it would have killed me.


At one point I remember a white hand, back then I remember associating it with the hand of a little old lady …. it grabbed me by the arm and it made me fly a few meters over to the other side. My leg did make contact with a piece of the train, and I ended up on the ground on the other side. I ran away, among the incredulous faces of the people standing there.


I had a little cut on my leg … nothing major. It bled a little bid. I told my mother that I had fallen …. it was just a minor cut. Maybe already back then I did not think that what had happened was possible …. from that moment on, for many years, I never thought about it again.


The scar remained visible on my leg until I was in my twenties. I never understood how a little cut (which certainly did not need stitches) managed to leave a scar behind, that even grew at the same time as my leg, over time.


When I was in my twenties I had my first revelation …. it all came right back to me and I finally understood …. actually what I suspected all along was confirmed to me, that indeed it was an Angel who saved me that day. Within a day or two the scar disappeared …. and since then I have been looking for any pictures where I could see the scar, but even though in my family we all remember the scar very well, we can not find one picture to show it.


I have not told this story to too many people …. and you can understand why. Now I leave it with you …. I am sure you will handle it like I would … the way it deserves to …. thank you!!!


Angelic Rescue Apparition of an Angel Saved By An Angel was the testimonial of Valeria


Angelic Rescue Apparition of an Angel Saved By An Angel


Angelic Rescue Apparition of an Angel


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