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Seeing Spirits as adults

Seeing Spirits as adults after death


Seeing Spirits as adults : those of us who already discovered that, without doubt, life continues on after death, and have a positive thought toward the future, believing that we will reunite again and embrace in a Great Love, open up to the possibility of wonderful manifestations; perhaps those manifestations may only last a few moments, but to be able to see again the ones we have loved, seeing the Spirit of those we have loved, is always an explosion of joy in the heart.


Unexpected moments that just happen, and nothing else, without notice, but they manifest.


Let’s listen to the wonderful moments that Mara lived:


I was able to see the Spirit of my mother twice, the first time it happened I was struggling to fold a bed sheet, and I saw her there, she was sitting on the sofa laughing; the second time I saw my mother’s Spirit, it was like a flash, she was standing up, next to me, as I was cuddling my nephew, and my mother was beautiful and smiling!!!


Among us there had always been an extremely strong bond, and my mother always faced everything in life with a smile!!!!


Seeing Spirits as adults after death are the words of Mara




Seeing Spirits as adults after death


Seeing Spirits as adults


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