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Hodgkin’s lymphoma is curable experiences

Hodgkin’s lymphoma is curable experiences and testimonials


Hodgkin’s lymphoma is curable : I am writing my testimonial after reading a testimonial that was much more profound than mine, in my opinion; however, I feel it may still be useful to those who are currently going through a moment of suffering; in 2004 I was 26 years old, and I had a life that I deemed to be fulfilling; I was on my way to conquering a secure job, I was determined to get it, I was very aware of the realities of money and appearances, rather than of beings, I was young, I had a whole life ahead of me, I had a fiancée and I was only thinking of enjoying myself and of trivial things.


That September was going to change my life, the alarm went off at 6 in the morning. I opened my eyes and tried to get up from the bed, I could not do it, my mind was clear, and it was sending the commands to my limbs to move, but nothing happened, I felt powerless and scared, I called my mother who ran to me immediately, I felt a painful swelling at the base of my neck.


And that is how my journey began, tests and then surgery, discovering that I was suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, the diagnosis was given to me on 24th December, my general doctor sent me to the San Matteo hospital in the city of Pavia; that day my parents and my fiancée were with me, the head of the hematology ward looked at all the test results, looked up at me, and tells me that I am a stage 4 patient, almost at the end of my life, my lungs, spleen, kidneys were already compromised, among other organs, I only had one possibility, an experimental chemotherapy treatment, they could not tell me if I was going to survive and could not even tell me what kind of side effects I was going to have, nevertheless, I had no choice.


I started the therapy, I felt extremely sharp pain in my nerves, there were days I just wanted to die.


One night in the hospital, I was alone in the room, I closed my eyes and started talking to myself, to my illness “you will not defeat me”, I thought “and if you did, I will make it very difficult for you”, at that exact moment I saw, through my closed eyes, a light, it is not the feeling you get soon after one rubs his eyes and sees flashes of color, it was rather a small but well-defined light, I tried to concentrate, I felt as if I was floating together with the light, I felt I had reached death, a sensation started arising, a voice, but not a voice as we know it, it’s something different, deep, in the soul, this voice, to put it simply, reassured me that I am but a tiny little part of the entire immensity, I had the fortune to perceive an immense calm, a relief from everything, from my body, from the heaviness of our world, from desperation.


I no longer felt any pain, it was wonderful, I never wanted that sensation of understanding everything to stop, however I understood that it was not my moment to go yet, and I was once again dragged back into my body, I thought I had just had a dream, a hallucination, my rational mind did not want to surrender to the grandiosity of knowledge, the beliefs of a lifetime.


Nevertheless, other similar experiences following the first one, I was completely cured within four months.


Later, over the year, I faced other health issues and heavy losses, but my vision has been different ever since, now, after years and many more experiences, I am certain of what will become of us; obviously I have changed, but most definitely for the better, not only I face my days with a positive attitude, but I know that something immense awaits me, and I heal my soul before anything else.


There is something for all of us, an inexplicable beauty.


Hodgkin’s lymphoma is curable experiences and testimonials are the words from Sabrina




Hodgkin’s lymphoma is curable experiences and testimonials


Hodgkin’s lymphoma is curable


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