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Our Guardian Angel really exists

Our Guardian Angel really exists experiences


Our Guardian Angel really exists : yes, I know that our Guardian Angel really exists, those are my experiences, I had two pregnancies, the first one was when I was 22 years old, the second one when I was 47; here comes Davide; he was about a year old, and was moving around the house in his baby-walker; I live in a castle in the historic quarter of our tiny village in the province of Perugia, and so our front door, once opened, leads down to extremely steep stairs; while Davide was having fun walking around the house, as I was on the sofa reading something, I suddenly felt a strong, ice-cold gust of wind on my calves, and a shiver all the way into my bones.


It made me jump up, I immediately looked for Davide, I couldn't find him, I instantly got up and ran to the door, I could see that it was ajar, and he was standing on top of the stairs, in his baby-walker, he looked at me, smiling; I don’t know how I did it, but I grabbed both him and the walker at the same time, and I took him back inside, my heart was racing, I lifted him out of his walker and hugged him really tight.


There were no open windows, no drafts anywhere, that ice-cold gust can only have come from his Guardian Angel; my husband came home later that day, and immediately installed a safety chain.


Our Guardian Angel really exists are experiences from Milena


Our Guardian Angel really exists


Our Guardian Angel exists


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