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Jesus Christ appear in the white pages

Jesus Christ appear Jesus Christ in the white pages of the book You are Spirits testimonial


Jesus Christ appear in the white pages of the book : hello everyone, my name is Denise and I am an 'ordinary' person, just like many others; up until two years ago I was an atheist and only today I appreciate how lucky I am to have received many, very many signs from God, answers that everybody would love to receive, and so strong to have literally changed my life; if only I was someone who did not even believe, yes, because, you know, I am a rational person, because I always ask for a scientific explanation, because I am not easily fooled, and I don't think that those of you who are reading this are, either.


Believe me, if you are reading this story, it is not because it's a coincidence. Nothing in life is a coincidence, even if often it may seem like it is.


I am well aware of the fact that, if I am writing this today, is because I have a mission to complete, because my experiences may be shared with you, to become one of the steps in the stairs that will bring to the truth, which is God.


Regardless of what religion you follow, or if you don't have a religion at all like me until two years ago, what I am telling you will probably reach your heart anyway.


This is the first time that I write, but I will do it again; this time I want to share with you the most spiritually intense experience that I have ever lived, it happened last year.


Last July I went to the seaside, here in Trieste, Italy, where I live, and while I was eating an ice cream, I met a 28 year hold man named Dennis, married for four years with Cristina. While talking to him about spirituality, we found that we were not in agreement, since I now have a Christian faith (not catholic/bigot, but Christian in its historic sense) while he claimed not to have any belief ... This, to me, was his rightful prerogative, since in the past both Dennis and his wife had had to overcome a number of problems: only two years ago they had lost their son during delivery.


From situations like these it is human to think that 'If a God really existed, he would not allow this type of injustice to happen to people that do not deserve it:. I respected his ideas, even though I was sad at the thought of not being able to open his eyes.


'Can I lend you a book? It's called The Profet and the garden, from the prophet of Kahil Gibran, an Indian writer. It does not talk about Christ or God, but I am sure that in that book you will be able to find some answers', I told him. And he replied 'You see, I never read, it's not a passion of mine ... in any case I guess I can give it quick look in the evening, before I fall asleep'. I could not hope for more than that (never impose your own ideas on anybody, or you will be seen as imposing and bothersome).


Two days later I received a very flustered phone call from him, the following day we agreed to meet, together with his wife Cristina, who was 3-months pregnant. The three of all were all in a fluster, but for different reasons. Them, because of what they were dying to tell me, me, because I really had no idea what I was going to hear. 'Denise, the other night I was sitting up on my bed reading your book, I was about 2/3 pages away from turning the light out and going to sleep. Then, as I arrived at page 155, the pages ahead of it became completely white .... white in my hands ... and then the following words appeared right in the middle of those white pages, stretching across both pages. Denise, I swear to you, I -was- awake, I swear' 'Yes, yes, I believe you Dennis, but ... what were the words?' 'Jesus Christ'.


I burst into tears, but he continued to speak 'I became afraid and I dropped the book on the bed. As I raised my eyes I saw my son Brian, who was looking at me and smiling, he told me that Cristina and I do not need to worry because both the pregnancy and the delivery will be fine'.


He took the book in his hands, and he asked me to guess what were the last words that he had read that evening, before he received the vision. I do not know how, but between more than a hundred words, I picked the correct ones. They were 'You are spirits'.


Even Cristina was crying at this point, and nobody spoke anymore. On the seventh month of pregnancy, following a scan, Cristina's doctor told them that there was a high probability that the child would not make it past the eighth month. Dennis and Cristina were overwhelmed by this affirmation, but in their hearts they remembered very well the words of that messenger that had paid a visit months before. On the 21st of January 2003 little Sarnie was born, a beautiful little girl that enjoys perfect health. This was one of the nicest gifts that God had given me, because on the 25th of May I will be her godmother at her Christening, and also because she was given my name (in reality this is what my friends here in Trieste call me, and that's the name that I myself 'stole' from my Angel who is called Sarni, whom I take the opportunity to thank with all my heart). I am honored to be writing this for you, I hope to have touched your heart, and this is one of the many experiences that I have had and that I want to share with you


Jesus Christ appear Jesus Christ in the white pages of the book You are Spirits testimonial was told by Denise


Jesus Christ appear Jesus Christ in the white pages of the book You are Spirits testimonial


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