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Seeing presences at home

Seeing presences at home at night


Seeing presences at home : I read a wonderful experience from your site, it was a luminous globe, I also saw one, once, it was purple in color; so I see presences at home, it was an August night, I was alone at home that night; for the first time I dreamt of my sister who had left us a year before; I dreamt of her in a beautiful way, she was serene and I told her “I am sorry we did not get to say goodbye before you left”, in that precise moment I woke up, I looked at my alarm on the night stand, it was three o’clock, I looked up at the ceiling and a purple globe was floating around, a luminous purple globe.


Believing that it was a dream, I got up to see if it was a reflection of the light, but it was not, I got scared as I could not understand what it was, but then I understood that it was nothing bad, and that it was probably a benevolent presence and so I easily fell asleep again.


Seeing presences at home at night are the phrases from Stany


Seeing presences at home


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