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Premonitory dreams exist

Premonitory dreams exist and come true


Premonitory dreams exist : hello Sara, as promised, I would like to tell you about a premonitory dream I had; I had this dream in June 2016, I was in the car with my son, he was driving, we were in Rome, and were down a familiar road; while we were going down this straight road, he steered sharply to the right, without any notice, without slowing down first; you can imagine my shock, he is such a precise person, correct, that this driving issue came as a surprise; I looked at him reproachingly, and he answered with his look, as if to say “it could not be avoided”.


For a few days after that I kept on waking up and having the same dream, I thought about it, and I asked my heart “maybe it is likely that a change is coming in my life, but what type of turn?”


The days went by, we were now at the end of July, one afternoon I was suffering from kidney stones, I was forced to go to the ER, the pain would not go away even after the day hospital, even after a few treatments, an ultrasound and a CAT scan without contrast; the following day the doctor called me, told me that something came from the CAT scan that is not very clear and that they wanted to transfer me to another hospital, specifically to find out what it was.


I am making a long story short to get to the point, after tests upon tests, we discovered a carcinoma in my liver, you can imagine that moment; nevertheless, without losing hope, I managed to make an appointment with a specialist in Rome, which I went to with my sister and sister-in-law; the surgery took place at the Gemelli hospital in Rome, fortunately it was not actually a carcinoma, rather an extremely rare illness, which was identified and treated so very early in its onset that it was completely cured.


My beloved son, who passed away a few years ago, told me in his dream that I was going to have a sudden turn in my life, and this time it was going to be in Rome, a city in which I do not reside.


Well, this is my story, thank you for the attention and I wish you a good afternoon, Sara.


Premonitory dreams exist and come true are phrases from Teresa


Premonitory dreams exist and come true


Premonitory dreams exist


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