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Guardian Angels on earth

Guardian Angels on earth perceiving and seeing Angels


Guardian Angels on earth : today I want to share with you my secret, I had meeting, I saw, my Guardian Angel on earth, I tell you my story, I have three children, each one of the was wanted, we looked for them, God gave them to me and I thank Him for it; with every pregnancy, whenever I went to lie down and rest, I could hear an interior voice speaking to me of God, they were wonderful words, this has not happened in many years.


Sadly, my son lost part of his hearing due to a vaccine, I was desperate, very sad, one day I was sitting in the sofa crying, suddenly I felt a light puff of air on my face, I felt a wonderful presence, as if I was being protected by a warm embrace, the same voice speaking from my heart came back again, it was wonderful and so sweet, it reassured me, knowing that in a few days I was to accompany my son to Verona to see a well-known surgeon.


At one point it felt so real that I actually said, “how I would love to see you”, I don’t know why, but I could feel his aspect, he answered, “you will see me”.


When I left from the visit with the surgeon, my husband, my son and I were headed for the parking lot, and on the way, among the various shops I was not really looking at, we walked in front of a bar, I don’t know why but I felt compelled to look inside the bar as I was walking, with my heart in pieces; on the other side of the bar window I saw a very handsome man, sitting, looking at me as if he could only see me, he had long blonde hair and his blue eyes were like the color of the sky, they were staring at me as if he knew me, I did not stop, I kept on walking, I felt a voice inside my heart pushing me to look, telling me “here I am”.


This has always been a secret that I have kept guarded, but that I will forever carry in my heart.


Guardian Angels on earth perceiving and seeing Angels are phrases from Mariapia


Guardian Angels on earth perceiving and seeing Angels


Guardian Angels on earth


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