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Unity feeling unity with the other

Unity feeling unity with the other experiences of your Being Love


Unity feeling unity with the other : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, here I am among you, today I accompany you in the discovery of the heart, of the most precious treasure you possess, the immensity inside you my brothers and sisters, I take you by the hand, let’s go on our journey of discovery.


The two of us, here we are, hand in hand. The strength with which our hands are keeping united, it already speaks of our hearts, Love exists already, through this contact the bond was formed, us together, us together in this moment. When I hug you and I take you by the hand I feel infinite sweetness, to me, accompanying you is like feeling you as you surrender yourselves to me and you go on your discovery of Love.


The gate is opening, here, our hearts are looking at other hearts, this is Love seeking contact, this Love inside us has the desire to meet another Love, to accompany it and to form a union; the heart sees Love around us and it begins to approach it.


While the heart feels this desire, we are going through a period that, in our hearts, is called possibility, this is what the heart is upholding: a possibility, an opportunity to tie a bond.


And that’s when the gaze meets the human, who will it be? A heart in its journey just like us, who is maturing an experience and just like us is seeking contact; today we smile, this contact is known, our eyes meet, here comes the greeting, we joyfully say “How are you?”, “So so”, he answers “I am not very well, I have a few worries” and this is when our heart says “Tell me”; inside us the emotion is changing, our heart is all leaning forward as it listens, and as it listens, it is offering help.


And while our heart is listening, it feels how the other heart is feeling through that moment of worry.


“I am sorry” the heart expresses, as it hears about the pain of the other heart, and it feels its own heart mature experience through the experience that it is hearing being expressed by the other heart; and the heart asks itself, checks the various moments that it has gone through, and uses its experience to give help; and so, it is a moment of exchange between hearts, a sharing during a moment of a moment that has been overcome, a moment of unity among hearts that understand each other, unity between two hearts that feel together; unity, this is the feeling that unites our hearts; the heart feels that it is natural to be in this unity, this is what an encounter means to this heart: being in this unity.


The emotion the heart is feeling inside is very important, because it communicates to the other heart the Being that he has been meeting, and you are the ones who, through your expression in that moment, have expressed your Love, this is who you are, you are the Love that chose the meeting, that proposed the meeting, that was a manifestation of Love during every single moment of the meeting, who has been Love while listening, while feeling inside it the experience of the other, Love when reliving its own experience, Love in sharing it, Love in feeling unity with the other.


Remember,  this is the experience that talks to you about your Being Love, your Being Love is expressed in the feeling of unity.


With a big hug


Your brother Jesus Christ


Unity feeling unity with the other experiences of your Being Love is a Message From The Sky 08th July 2013




Unity feeling unity with the other experiences of your Being Love


Unity feeling unity with the other


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